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Fiona Marie Lewis
From: Exeter England
E-mail: f_m_lewis@yahoo.com


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Colleen Goddard
From: Belfast once, Scotland now
E-mail: colleen@thefreckledfish.com
It's been ages since I had book tokens, so this xmas I wanted something 'special' to quench my feminist reading needs, and scanned the shelves for a 'decent' read. Bemoaning that there isn't usually a 'Feminist' section in general bookstores any more (and perhaps it's because it doesn't need to be, we're all so enlightened!Mmmm!)I went to Waterstones in Glasgow hoping the precious book tokens would be put to good use. Something worthy of such a generous gift from my mum who lives in Belfast still. And Jack Holland's book was like an old pal you haven't seen in a while, but someone you want to share a drink with, to catch up on all 'that's been happening' and to chat passionately with about pet subjects. So I'm dipping into it at train stations, the office, the bedroom, and the pub! A woman sitting by herself reading a book with a clear 'message', and enjoying the company immensely!

I was born in 1967, 20 years after Jack - and left Belfast only three years ago. I'm 40 this year, having grown up with 'the troubles' and am familiar with the dichotomy that exists in Northern Ireland between the 'virgin and the w****' viewpoint of women. I think Jack must have felt the same thing keenly. Perhaps one of the reasons I'm not rushing to finish the book is that it 'is' essential reading, and reaffirms the beliefs I already have; again, a welcome comfort to know there are men out there (just like my husband) who are contributing to a positive world view, and worthy of recognition.
Congratulations Jack, and all the best to your family for the future ahead!
Colleen Goddard (Ms)
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Hollaback Arka**
From: Arka**, USA
Website: http://www.hollabackar.blogspot.com
E-mail: hollabackar@gmail.com
Thank you so much for dedicating your time to getting such a remarkable book published. It is a welcome addition to the shelves of every anti-sexist advocate.
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Daniel Begley
From: Richmond,Va. USA 23229
E-mail: DBEGLEY55@Hotmail.com
I started to travel to Northern Ireland in the 1980's and had a hard time understanding the politics.I think I found Mr.Holland in the Irish Echo and just read everything he wrote.His article in the Echo on poetry was wonderful.His advice to Bush about Iraq was %100 acurate.Just found a copy of "Too long a Sacrifice".He helped me understand the land of my grandparents.Very sorry at his passing.
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francesca murray - aged 11
From: ireland, belfast
E-mail: lil_cheska_06@hotmail.co.uk
hi !! Mary and Jenni

Fantastic website, it was so good to look at the pictures of my uncle Jack, and especially the pics of my Great Aunt Cissi. I am so glad that Uncle Jacks book was published!! My mum is very proud of him!!. Hope u are keeping well and wishing u both a Merry Christmas!! (my email is lil_cheska_o6@hotmail.co.uk) Love Francesca XXX
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Salvatore Conte
From: Rome
Website: http://www.queendido.org/agrippina.htm
E-mail: conte@queendido.org
Dear Mr. Holland, Dear Family,
I must thank you the manus vindex of your Gaius Svetonius Paulinus, because it respected the memory of our beloved Agrippina.
I think she's proud to receive that honour from an Irish man, because she loved Celtic World.
"Druid Time" is really a gem. Thank you Jack.

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Elizabeth Carville (Nee Murray
From: Ireland
E-mail: cville@hotmail.co.uk
Well Done Mary and Jenny

We are all so happy that Jacks book was finally published which me and Brian throughly enjoyed reading. The website gives us the opportunity to look back and remember uncle Jack and his work.

Enjoyed our recent visit to New York, but felt a bit was missing because Jack would have been our own personal tour guide. New York will always be a special place for us. Will send u pics of baby Rio and Brooklyn. PS: Thanks for lovely presents for Baby Rio. Elizabeth and Brian Carville XXX
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Karla Johnson`
From: Ventura County, CA
Website: http://membres.lycos.fr/americaoffline/
E-mail: kgj@ieee.org
I just finished reading 'Misogyny', and I must say that it is one of the most powerful works I have ever read, and one of the best-documented. It should be required reading for all high school students and/or become a textbook for a mandatory lower-division college course on the history of women for all students, male and female.

There is just one fault that I could find with Mr. Holland's theory and exegesis of misogyny. In the last chapter, where he attempts to offer reasons for the existence of misogyny, I was waiting for an explanation far more fundamental than the one he gave, which perhaps he missed because he had never personally experienced misogyny himself: misogyny exists because it can. Men hurt women because they can, and that largely with impunity. Why? It's the enormous difference in physical strength that is always the elephant in the room with men and women.

Am I the only one to have noticed that the historical trends toward more enlightened, egalitarian treatment of women in the West from about the 18th century on are also contemporaneous with the advancements in the engineering of action-at-a-distance weapons (specifically, firearms) to make them smaller and lighter, and therefore as easily used and concealed by women as by men? That advancement gave women some hope for self-defense against men's physical advantage. Technology was not a cure for misogyny, but it was a palliative that we still find in use today.

The temptation to abuse the weak is also found in man's relationships with animals. Male primates assert dominance, but their battles for it are with other males, not with females. Perhaps it is some "bent" gene which ca** human males, unlike primate males, to do battle for dominance with females as well as with other males. I have to ask if men perceive threats from women where they do not exist in reality. Perhaps this bizarre trait, which seems to threaten survival of the species when carried to its most extreme (as with the Taliban, for example), is genetic baggage that humans had to carry on their evolutionary pathway to unequalled intelligence and global dominance. I would hate to think that misogyny is a mistake forever graven in our genetic code, but if it is, then fixing the mistake must be a priority for our science.
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From: Ontario, Canada
E-mail: annag2938@yahoo.ca
Hello there,
The book Mysogyny had caught my eye while rummaging through Coles bookstore. I was browsing through it for a few minutes when I was shocked to see it was written by a man. Overcome by curiosity, I decided to buy it. A man writing about mysogyny???? I was definitely skeptical! Needless to say, I couldn't put the book down. And my skepticism was unfounded - Jack Holland did a brilliant job in broadening my understanding of the history of mysogyny throughout history.
I'm saddened to hear there was resistance to have the book published and as well, to read about the death of the author. It renewed my hope that equality amongst genders is a fight that both women AND men have taken on.

Thank you to the family for their committment to see this book published. It was well worth the fight.
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From: Italy
E-mail: g.fragione@virgilio.it
Ho aspettato tutto questo tempo per scriverti qualcosa di speciale, ma purtroppo lo scrittore eri tu. E´ stato un privilegio conoscerti e mi manca il tuo italiano che ti faceva diventare difficili le parole che invece eri capace di scrivere cosí bene. Sono contento di poterti ritrovare ogni tanto su questo sito. Ciao Mary,ciao Jenny
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