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Harry Keaney


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Nancy Andreassi
From: New York NY
E-mail: nandreassi@hotmail.com
"Misogyny" is long overdue and badly needed. I have wondered for as long as I've been female why more people in this world aren't fascinated, if not thoroughly consumed, by the man-made disease that has been euphemistically dismissed as "the war between the sexes". Sexism is the root of all evil. Jack Holland recognized this with stunning clarity. I intend to place a bulk order of this superb book so I can donate it to libraries everywhere.
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From: northern,ireland
E-mail: lil_cheska_06@hotmail.co.uk
hello merry,francesca is doing this email for me i dont no much about computers i wanted to get a message to you and jenny.Thinking about yous today miss my big brother very much i hope you are feeling ok today, would love to hear from you and jenny, kids ask about yous all the time! paul send some pictures by email of jack but i dont no if you got them or not paul was not sure katherine give him the right email address miss yous and love you all loads thinking about you and jenny today

love elizabeth paul and kids x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x

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Kamilla Vaski
From: British Columbia, Canada
E-mail: kfarm2001@yahoo.com
I also stumbled across 'Misogyny' in the bargain section of a Coles bookstore. I don't have much interest in most current feminist writing, because in its insistence on personal empowerment and an equality devoid of appreciation and respect for difference, it does not reflect the reality of women's experience throughout this world. In asserting equality between men and women, the reality of our heritage of thousands of years of experience as a species is ignored. This allows women to be oppressed even more successfully as their oppression is denied. It is especially disturbing when the word 'victim' is regularly used as a derogatory term. There seems to be such a cultivation of fear of being labelled a victim that people will deny the reality of their own experience.

Although he does not write from a socialist perspective, Jack Holland clearly shows that modern notions of equality between the sexes are tied to a culture of exploitation which really obscures the obstacles to women's freedom--other than the freedom to support and engage in exploitation themselves, which has always been a feature of misogyny. This is highly visible in the corporate mass media and in the business and legal worlds. Jack Holland is not alone among men who see this, though he is among a small number who have written explicitly about it. Very welcome is his appreciation of the differences between men and women, and the need to cherish those differences while acknowleging the need to overcome their use as tools of oppression.

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J. Shanks
From: Canada
E-mail: shaggy108@hotmail.com
I stumbled across a link to your site and immediately felt compelled to post a message, which I hope reaches the appropriate person. I must say "Misogyny" is one of the most important and enlightening books I have ever read. Here in Canada it is being marketed as part of the Carroll and Graf "Brief Histories" series, the titles of which are available at Chapters Indigo at a discounted price. The fact that I discovered "Misogyny" on the bargain rack seems a shame, but this may be a blessing in disguise as it is cheaply available and I have recommended it to numerous people - and in fact have purchased copies to give as gifts. It is a book that truly cries out to be read, and I thank you most sincerely for your efforts in seeing it published.
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Rob Cundari
From: Ontario, Canada
E-mail: cundari2003@hotmail.com
This book is truly an amazing place to begin research on the misogynistic tendencies of human history. This history screams at us for our recognition and our contempt.
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Joe Graham
From: Belfast. Ireland
Website: http://www.rushlightmagazine.com
E-mail: rushlight123@hotmail.com
I would just like to add my voice in tribute to your father, Jenny. I have never actually met him but he kidly phoned me many times and sent me clippings from the "Irish Echo" when he had gave my wee journal, "Rushlight The Belfast Magazine" here in Ireland a mention, he particularly enjoyed the ghost stories I would write and by the tone of his voice I could see he was enjoying, perhaps reliving his Belfast childhood days when as kids we would huddle in doorways in winter nights and see who could frighten each other the most with the latest legend we had just picked up from grandmother. Jack Holland was the greatest Belfast Ambassador in recent times, he had his fingers on the pulse of events in the north of Ireland. I have often thought what would have happened if a man of Jack's capabilities and principles had been the engine behind a local newspaper here in Belfast, the west in particular. It could be said that Jack was New York's gain but never could it be said he was Belfast's lose, for never was his heart or mind and more important his trusty sword,(pen)ever lacking to the call of the people he grew up among.Jack wil always be remembered and respected in Belfast.
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From: Ottawa, Ontario
E-mail: evelyn_boy@hotmail.com
I wanted to take this opportunity and pay my respects, however late, to a man who has greatly influenced my life in the past years that I have become familiar with his work. A gem amidst the sand is really all I can say to describe Mr. Holland. His latest work, "Misogyny: The Worlds Olderst Prejudice" has become, for me and the women that surround me, a bible from which to understand the oppressive structures and IDEAS that we experience on a day to day basis. Thank you, Mr. Holland. Your talent and insight is a loss for us all, but what remains of you will remain treasured.
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Frank Pollock Bean
From: Belfast, Ireland
E-mail: frank.bean@btopenworld.com


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Shirley D Holland
From: USA
E-mail: sdholland@mindspring.com
I am family of Fred Holland b Belfast Northern Ireland 26 Dec 1874. He is the s/o of Joseph Holland and Mary Ann McCluskey/McClusky of Holland House, on Sandown. Fred Came to the USA in 1904 . Am praying that this Jack Holland may be a connection with this family of mine. sdholland@mindspring.com
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