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Isabelle Uhe
From: Germany
E-mail: isabelle.uhe@gmx.net
Jack's book about the history of misogyny strengthens me in my oppinion to learn more about and fight against this discrimination! I am a student of Middle Eastern Studies/ Islam Studies and Political Science and I am occupied on the relation between rape (especially in conflicts) and misogyny. I see myself as an activist and would like to serve for transportation of this topic into wider public.
Thank's to Jack this subject gets another voice.

I would be grateful to get in contact with others who are interested in this topic, so feel free to write an Email.
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William Anderson
From: Belfast
Website: http://www.freshheads.co.uk
E-mail: william@freshheads.co.uk
Hi, havent seen my mate in a while, good to see your face again Jack. I only new him for a short while but I feel I got to know him. Jack was a good mate. I had some really good times at his place and got to know some of his really nice friends. You are still missed mate. William...
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Jennifer Baggot
From: Dublin
E-mail: jennifer.baggot@gmail.com


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From: London UK
E-mail: dbrooks2005@hotmail.com
'Misogyny' is a great book - what a shame that it had to be brought out by a small publisher who won't be able to give it the exposure it deserves!
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Submitted by Comments:
Bianca Rucker
From: Arka**, USA
E-mail: bianca.rucker@gmail.com
This book is a tremendous contribution in the effort to study, spot, and ultimately end misogyny in all its forms. Thanks for seeing that it was published.
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Submitted by Comments:
From: trevignano
Jeck, molto orgogliosa di averti conosciuto....Mary e Jenny vi voglio bene

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Submitted by Comments:
Rodney McKay
From: Colorado, United States
E-mail: rmckay51@gmail.com
Great to see that someone has stepped up to give Jack Holland his own website! I just finished reading "The American Connection" and it was fantastic!
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Liza Caney
From: Boston, MA USA
Website: http://www.caneydesign.com
E-mail: liza_caney@caneydesign.com
I was thrilled to discover this site, as I live in Boston, MA and am fascinated by Irish ties and heritage that I encounter here in the city. I am please to discover these additional books to read, and will definitely have to check them out!
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sean courtney
From: Milwaukee, US/Cork, Ireland
E-mail: seancourtney22@yahoo.com
Hallo, I went online the other evening because I came across Mr. Holland's book, Too Long a Sacrifice, which I read many years ago and used to teach a class on Irish politics in Chicago back in the early 1980s. I was shocked to see that he had died (he and I are the same age) but appreciated that his family have created this website in his memory so I can read it and learn more about this amazing man.
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Submitted by Comments:
victoria ord
From: england
E-mail: charlotteord@yahoo.co.uk
I was just reading Jack's biography and wondered if he could be related to me as my grandfather was Thomas Richard Holland and a roman catholic and I believe that one of our family names on the Irish side was Murphy. If any of the family sees this could they email charlotteord@yahoo.co.uk as I am trying to do a family tree. My grandfather was also an amatuer boxer out of the repton boxing gym in east london.
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