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Peter Clamp
From: Sydney, Australia
E-mail: pclamp7@yahoo.com.au
"Misogyny - the World's Oldest Prejudice" is the the most important book that I have ever read and will ever read. The skill which Jack draws together seemingly disparate threads from history is quite awesome and I am currently rereading the book. I have been working on my own book on misogyny for some time and when I first read Jack's wonderful tome I felt like momentarily giving up. But as Jack pointed out his book will not be the last on misogyny and I sincerely hope that my effort will complement his legacy.
Many thanks to Mary and Jenny for their tenacity in getting Jack's book published. Inj my view it is truly a major turning point in the history of the human race.

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Cassandra Sullivan
From: Canada
Website: http://www.amazingsuperbuddies.com
E-mail: cassasulliv@hotmail.com
Picked up the book on the weekend - great read! and well synthesized into a coherent 'history'.
Thank you for your diligence in getting this book published, despite the original publisher having dropped it. If you would provide the name of such original publisher, I will write a letter to the company regarding my disdain for such 'fearful' conservatism. Many thanks.
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From: World Traveler
This book and its straightforward title jumped out at me at a bookstore. I purchased it and read it in one sitting. Unforunately, I did not start with the introduction and was chagrined after my reading to learn of Jack Holland's passing, because I would have wished to shake his hand.

I will give this book as a gift to every person whom I feel can benefit from it.

Thank you to Jack Holland and his generous family. These are the efforts that can, and will, change our understandings, our conditions, and our world.
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Grateful Reader
I'm actually reading the History of Misogyny book for the 3rd time and wanted to pass along my warm wishes to Jack Holland's family. His book is a masterpiece and in my opinion, should be required reading in all schools! Big thanks to his wife and daughter for getting it published after the originally published pulled his very ironic stunt considering the book's subject matter.
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Colleen Goddard
From: Belfast
Website: http://thefreckledfish.com
E-mail: colleen@thefreckledfish.com
It's been well over a year since I visited this website - and in that time, I have lost my father. I received a lovely email from Jack Holland's widow after a posting I made 12 months or so ago - and I think, perhaps, that Mrs Holland didn't realise that I knew Jack had passed on. ( I didn't make myself very clear and I'm sorry for that) I think that I was trying to say, at the time, that whether he was physically here or not - there's a part of Jack that lives on as a reminder to us all - that life is as infinite as death, as is the all-consuming conundrum of 'wanting to write it down.'

I miss my dad. I'm writing. And I found a remnant of myself within Jack's URl that has made all the difference.



(Ps I'm going to read Misogyny again - starting tomorrow!)

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From: CapeTown. South Africa
E-mail: mushroom@new.co.za
Special Greetings to you all from CapeTown South Africa. It is quite by chance that I found myself at this website. Jack sounds like a wonderful spirit who will be remembered through all his books. With Angel Love, Light and Peace.
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Shana Skaletsky
From: New York, NY
E-mail: shanaelyse@gmail.com


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Jean SmilingCoyote
From: Chicago IL USA
Website: http://www.geocities.com/maiinganikan/
E-mail: maiinganikan@yahoo.com
A letter in the Chicago Sun-Times recommended this book for the discussion of the Clinton vs. Obama campaign. I quickly Googled the book and plan to read it as soon as I can.
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Jacqueline Ceballos
From: Florida -
Website: http://www.vfa.us
E-mail: jcvfa@aol.com


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Anne Baring
From: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.annebaring.com
I would like to express my appreciation to Jack Holland's family for persevering in their efforts to get his book published. It is an extraordinary and moving achievement in that it takes such a far-reaching perspective and covers so many cultures. It also shows a deep empathy with woman's plight through the centuries of patriarchal culture. It confirms what my friend Jules Cashford and I uncovered when we wrote our own book, "The Myth of the Goddess" some sixteen years ago. It is helping me in writing another book of which one chapter focuses on the negative effects of the myth of the Fall of Man and the doctrine of original sin. So thank you for bringing this exceptional book to the notice of the world, Anne Baring
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