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Jim Donaghy
From: Adelaide Australia
E-mail: donaghyj@charioy.net.au
Jack what a life you led - not a bad example to the rest of us who shared with you part of our lives at St Thomas's and were influenced by people like McLaverty & Heaney. Your work is a great achievement and in it you will live on.
From one kid of the Falls to another.
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From: Ottawa
E-mail: ottawa1810@yahoo.ca
I am now reading "A Brief History of Misogyny." Very interesting...
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From: London
I have just finished reading Misogyny...I have always brushed of feminist views from my own as I never understood the full magnitude of our history. This book was a fantastic eye opener, it was beautifully written and exposed the realities in our past and even present society. Thank you for writing the book, it's concise nature makes it available to all women...and men of couse, and because of this I have recommended it to everyone i have come across in recent weeks :}
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Kirsten Bartels
From: Germany
I study American Studies in Germany and have recently started to focus on gender issues. Then I came across this book and I have just started reading it. But from what I read so far, I can say that it is one of the most important books I have ever read. It kind of opend my eyes as women my age tend to forget about the past and to ignore signs of misogyny in everyday life.
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William Anderson
From: Belfast
Website: http://www.c4box.com
E-mail: william@c4box.com
I haven't been to visit the site in quite a while, although I think of Jack often. We have moved to Spain and haven't been back to New York for over a year. I still miss my mate Jack and hope that he's doing well where ever he is...As I get a little older I miss having someone like Jack to help guide me through, it's hard to find friends like him in this world. Good luck mate, William
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Kingman Davis
From: Grand Rapids, Michigan
E-mail: kuzlaks@comcast.net
Just finished "Hope Against History". Spent 3 weeks in NI last June. A very fair and thorough history. Appreciate that the names of the many victims are mentioned, they must not be forgotten. Walked both the Shankill and Falls Roads, unforgettable! Walked the Bloody Sunday route in Derry. Mr. Holland reminds me of another author too soon departed, Robert Ruark. They both left a void that has yet to be filled.
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Rev. Kellyann Conway
From: San Francisco, USA
Website: http://amagdalenesmirth.com/Kellyann_Conway.html
E-mail: musettee@aol.com
I am so grateful for this book! I have spent the last several years researching the roots of misogyny. I have only found little essential pieces in many different books. Jack brigns it all together in one brilliant, impeccable resource. Jai Ma!

Jenny, your dad sounds like the new paradigm of the balanced masculine. What a wonderful rold model for you and for all of us.

Sending you and your family many blessings!
In Unity

Rev. Kellyann
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Peter Clamp
From: Sydney, Australia
E-mail: pclamp7@yahoo.com.au
"Misogyny - the World's Oldest Prejudice" is the the most important book that I have ever read and will ever read. The skill which Jack draws together seemingly disparate threads from history is quite awesome and I am currently rereading the book. I have been working on my own book on misogyny for some time and when I first read Jack's wonderful tome I felt like momentarily giving up. But as Jack pointed out his book will not be the last on misogyny and I sincerely hope that my effort will complement his legacy.
Many thanks to Mary and Jenny for their tenacity in getting Jack's book published. Inj my view it is truly a major turning point in the history of the human race.

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Cassandra Sullivan
From: Canada
Website: http://www.amazingsuperbuddies.com
E-mail: cassasulliv@hotmail.com
Picked up the book on the weekend - great read! and well synthesized into a coherent 'history'.
Thank you for your diligence in getting this book published, despite the original publisher having dropped it. If you would provide the name of such original publisher, I will write a letter to the company regarding my disdain for such 'fearful' conservatism. Many thanks.
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From: World Traveler
This book and its straightforward title jumped out at me at a bookstore. I purchased it and read it in one sitting. Unforunately, I did not start with the introduction and was chagrined after my reading to learn of Jack Holland's passing, because I would have wished to shake his hand.

I will give this book as a gift to every person whom I feel can benefit from it.

Thank you to Jack Holland and his generous family. These are the efforts that can, and will, change our understandings, our conditions, and our world.
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