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From: UK
E-mail: ninanina85@hotmail.com
I would recommend this book to everyone! R.I.P Jack one in a
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From: Australia
E-mail: sxe_melhen@hotmail.com
I have just finished Misogyny and it is now one of my favourite books of all time. The way Mr. Holland writes is at once comical, informative and concise. He speaks wisely yet without the pomp and arrogance that often accompanies such intellect. Fantastic work and a great man.
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From: Riverside,CA
E-mail: Rsiegfried@charter.net
What a thoughtful and thought-provoking book. I picked it up by chance and have no regrets about my choice. I will encourage my daughters to read this work as I do not believe misgoyny will be eradicated in my lifetime. Thank you for bringing this book to the world.
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From: usa
E-mail: mugu.maga419@hotmail.com
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Antoinette Stirling
From: Richmond Hill, Ontario
E-mail: stirling_antoinette@hotmail.com
Undoubtedly, A brief History of Misogyny is one book that has affected me deeply. This book makes a valid contribution to the history of women by clearly stating the realities faced by women in both past and present society. This is a MUST read for every woman and man! I am so grateful for your perseverance in having this amazing book published.

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From: uk
E-mail: karlianna@hotmail.com
I have just finished reading MISOGYNY, I have read some books that affect my life and this is one of them..
Thank you for such an amazing read..
I feel so thankful that I live in a time and country where I can be free and be myself x

Thank you again x
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Michael P. Callahan
From: LaPorte Indiana
E-mail: mcalla00@pnc.edu
It has been my pleasure to have been able to read your fathers book. it is part of the class on the psychology of women that I am taking here at Purdue University North Central. I am the better for reading your fathers book and I will encourage others to pick it up.
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Julia Hughes Jones
From: St. Augustine FL
Website: http://www.juliahughesjones.com
E-mail: jjones1939@comcast.net
I have read Misogyny: The World’s Oldest Prejudice with an eye toward the underlying cause of the “woman is inferior” belief, both the secular and religious versions.

Today’s political scandals feed right into this prejudice. Males, especially leaders, are expected to have all the answers to everything simply because they are masculine. That is a tremendous responsibility that carries with it an ability to think mistakes can be explained away easily and without recourse.

Females do not have that option. We very aware of our inability to bluster our way through a sex scandal by saying “I made a mistake.” The level of tolerance for women’s mistakes is at the bottom of the scale and we women know it.

Males are socialized to believe the rules do not apply to them but women know that the rules do apply to the “inferior” sex. As Holland points out, misogyny rests on the belief that women violate the moral order of the world. When so many male elected officials are castigated for sexual roaming, it appears that it is males who violate the moral order of the world. But then again, Holland reminds us of Eve’s temptation and Pandora’s box. Females brought it on according to ancient philosophers and theologians and we women are still guilty 3,000 years later.

What a tremendous book Jack Holland has written. It should be a part of every woman’s collection.

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Julia Hughes Jones
From: St. Augustine FL
Website: http://www.juliahughesjones.com
E-mail: julia@juliahughesjones.com
I just discovered this book and have ordered a copy. Reading through the website info I now know what a terrific contribution this book is to women's history worldwide. My own book published May 2009 is based on the "woman is inferior" belief. "The Secret History of Weeds: What Women Need To Know About Their History" disputes the inferiority belief plus refutes Martin Luther's classifying females as "weeds" in 1533. I will access your site again once I have read this book. Am looking forward to it!
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Darach MacDonald
From: Northern Ireland
E-mail: darachmacdonald@btinternet.com
Jack's 1976 departure to the BBC opened up the key opportunity of my life because I got the job he vacated with Hibernia. More than 32 years later and after a journalism career that has brought me around Europe to Canada and back, I regard it as the best job I ever had because of the investigative, daring writing we were allowed and encouraged to undertake at a crucial time in Irish journalism. I also recall with appreciation and fondness the warm and ready support I got from 'yer man' in Belfast as a 'cub' and I have no doubts that those halcyon days of Hibernia provided the fundamental skills and ethics that guided my career and that I know guided Jack's. We sorely miss journalists of the calibre of the Hollands (Jack and Mary RIP). By the way, though, while Brian Trench was certainly the 'key man' during my early days in Hibernia, John Mulcahy was both owner and editor of the paper.
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