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E-mail: warriormax1@hotmail.com
I just finished reading Too Long A Sacrifice, an exceptional book , some of the predictions your father made in 1981 about the Northern Ireland problem remarkably have come true , I have read 100 s of books on the troubles and this was one of the best , will treasure it in my collection, would have liked to speak to your father , Im sorry that he has passed away.......
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Hanora Brennan
From: Kilkenny, Ireland
E-mail: bogtrotter@eircom.net
I have read your father's book on Northern Ireland and was fascinated at the level of detail and the courage of the man. He went where others feared to tread. Had great respect for the man.
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From: United Kingdom
E-mail: ella.smyth@yahoo.co.uk
I have a unique perspective on misogyny. Being a male to female transsexual I've lived on both sides of the fence.

Now, after having the surgery and living as as the woman I should have been, I do feel like I have left a life of luxury.

As male you are treated as the default gender, with automatic respect. Now being female, I feel the hatred. It shocks me. Misogyny is everywhere, language, music, art, culture, film, etc. It shocks me that women are seen as sexual objects in pop videos or something to be raped, tortured and murdered in slasher films. All the time, the 'hate' is never questioned. Why?

Why are women used to sell everything from laundry detergent to a vacuum cleaner, in a sexual way? Why do the female cabin crew on Virgin Atlantic have to be young and slim and sexually desirable to the male passengers?

If I like sex I'm classed as 'a s***', but if I don't like it, I'm classed as 'frigid and weird'. I can't win.

The fact that this book exists is a comfort to me, and the fact that this book has been written by a man restores my faith in humanity.

Everyone should read this book. No more hatred of women (or men).

Ella x
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From: Canada
E-mail: farideh45@yahoo.com


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Geraldine Matus
From: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Website: http://www.justisse.ca
E-mail: geraldine@justisse.ca
This is one of the most accessible books on the topic of misogyny that I have read. It is well researched and well written. I am so glad for its presence and recommend it regularly to others. Thank you Jack and thank you to his family who persisted in getting it published after his death.
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william anderson
From: belfast
Website: http://www.israelikravmaga.co.uk
E-mail: krvmagahumanweapon@gmail.com
miss you mate, long time
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Dolus Baxter
From: NYC
E-mail: dolusbaxter@gmail.com
This is a wonderful resource. Appreciate the work that has gone into this. Will definitely be using this often.
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Gayle Wells
From: Kittery Point, Maine
E-mail: gwells2001@aol.com


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From: Paris
Website: http://www.designstickers.fr
E-mail: Jon1984@gmail.com
Very Good website, thanks for your work !!!
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Dr. Goodluck Diigbo
From: Ogoni, Nigeria and American
Website: http://studytourus1.newsvine.com
E-mail: mosoppresidentspksmn@gmail.com
I am a friend of Jack family. I had dinner with all members of the family, Merry, Jenny and Eileen (my friend)& Jack himself. I attended Jack's book review in New York where he spoke passionately about his thirst for justice. He was a great advocate for freedom worldwide and a man with big heart. I am happy that Jenny and Merry are promoting his work. Jack was a great writer and his works have given me additional courage in life. Dr. Goodluck Diigbo
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