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victoria "cynthia" hudson
From: tarrytown new york
this time of year is bringing on many wrenching memories of our beloved JACK, so it's good to come to this place devoted to his wonderful life and works. How I missed him 2 weeks ago when I thought of the fun he could have poked at me and Drew after Drew's recent election as Mayor of Tarrytown. Let's all huddle together in his light and love of man and womankind. LOVE TO YOU ALL!
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Mary Hudson
From: Brooklyn, New York
E-mail: merrycheeked@yahoo.com
I love you, my darling,

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susan phoenix
From: Spain
Website: http://www.phoenixplanes.com
Hello Jenny and Mary, wonderful site - well done. I enjoyed the humour about the photos from Niven - because it will always be that lovely N'orn Ireland Humour that I will remember hearing when Niven and Jack were together. They enjoyed each other's company as we worked together on Ian's life story just as I now enjoy your company. Together we will raise the flag for humour,life and ofcourse love that will sustain based on the great love you shared with JAck. "Contempt" will be published - the world is waiting for it. Congratulations with love from Susan.
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Tim Molloy
E-mail: t_molloy@hotmail.com
Great website Jenny and Mary, my mum really enjoyed looking through the pictures and I have the very same picture of me and jack in my room.
I shall keep in touch through e-mail and we all really love the site.

love tim

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Mike Dornan
From: Spain now, Belfast originally
Website: http://emeraldfilms.com
E-mail: mike@emeraldfilms.com
Jenny, a lovely memorial to Jack and no less than he deserves. The photos were an incredibly vivid reminder -- and I don't believe any software enhancement was necessary! I will be in touch independently, but any possible help in getting Contempt published is yours for the asking.
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Johanna Roman
From: New York City
E-mail: joroman@att.net
The website for Jack is beautiful...love to just look at him every so often. Not that we need much to remind us of him. He remains fixed in our memories for the dear human he was. His intellect fascinated me, and I loved that above all. It makes too long a list to mention all the lovely things about him, and David and I are proud to have been his friends.

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Niven phoenix
From: Ireland
E-mail: Nivyp@aol.com
Hi Jenny great memorial to Jack. Loved the photos, never realised Jack was so photogenic or do you have some special photo enhancing software??
Look forward to reading 'Contempt' when you finally get it published as i/m sure you will.
Great men deserve memorials, Jack helped give dad his and you've produced a fine one for here for Jack. Proud to be the first to sign the book and proud to have known Jack.
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