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Lucas Bernard
From: New York, NY, USA
E-mail: lucas.bernard@verizon.net
Interesting site, but I am waiting for the book Contempt: A Brief History of Misogyny to be published. I know several people who a very interested in Holland's views on this topic.
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Emily Herrick
From: West Nyack, NY
E-mail: emhk@optonline.net
Mary and Jenny,

As the 1st anniversary of Jack's death approaches, I truly hope that your (and his) dream of having his book published is realized. This website is a wonderful tribute to Jack.

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Jeffrey Kutler
From: Nyack
E-mail: jkutler@optonline.net
Well done! I can't wait to get my copy of Contempt! Have faith .... As I think Jack would say, "It is just a matter of time before a publisher will see the error of their ways."

Love you both!
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Margaret Fernandez
From: Marycrest
E-mail: queenmidas@yahoo.com
I am a childhood friend of Mary's. Growing with her has been a life long fascination. To know Mary is to know Jack and Jen. Jack was not only a writer, he was a lover. Mary and Jen are the living proof of that. Your website does him great justice. I hope his book finds a publisher. It certainly appears to be an important work. I would think any publisher would do well to publish Jack's book.
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larry kirwan
From: New York City
Website: http://www.black47.com
E-mail: blk47@aol.com
Back in the 70's we got most of our information about the situation in the North of Ireland from the Irish Echo. It came in the form of headlines and bald declarations of the facts. Then one week, Jack Holland added his column; it was an eye-opener because we now got to see behind the statistics, learned the stories of the main actors and understood better the tragedy that was unfolding. We didn't always agree with his analysis but we knew it was delivered clear-eyed and with complete honesty. I miss Jack for many reasons, but I miss him for that more than anything. Thanks for the pictures of Belfast. They evoke a time and place more than words will ever do.
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From: Bantu Land
E-mail: philipanjau@hotmail.com


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Liz and Kjeld Hansen
From: Denmark
E-mail: kjeldhans@wanadoo.dk
Dearest Jen and Mary, Such a beautiful and touching web site. Thank you for it. I,m so looking forward to Contempt getting published. How else will I ever get to read it. We love you dearly. Liz + Kjeld
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Ivan Webster
From: New York City
E-mail: ivanwebster@gmail.com
I'm a writer living in New York City. I learned of Jack from Joe Greaney, whom I work with. Joe has made it clear to me what a wonderful person -- and essential writer -- Jack was. I look forward to reading his books.
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Marcia Simonson
From: Fremont, CA
E-mail: marciasimonson@hotmail.com
This is a wonderful website and memorial to Jack. Even though our friendship was long distance, I treasure it and have fond memories of the two brief times I was able to spend him when he came to Los Angeles 20 years ago. This is a horrible loss for all of us. Jenny, I know how tough this is for you. I lost my father in 1975 just after his 58th birthday. I still miss him terribly, as I always will your dad.
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Solange Bumbaugh
From: Oakland, CA
E-mail: solange@uchicago.edu
Thank you for letting me know about this website. I, too, can't wait to read Jack's book once it is published.

What a nice tribute to your father. I sure do miss him!

Much love to you both,
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