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Anne Baring
From: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.annebaring.com
I would like to express my appreciation to Jack Holland's family for persevering in their efforts to get his book published. It is an extraordinary and moving achievement in that it takes such a far-reaching perspective and covers so many cultures. It also shows a deep empathy with woman's plight through the centuries of patriarchal culture. It confirms what my friend Jules Cashford and I uncovered when we wrote our own book, "The Myth of the Goddess" some sixteen years ago. It is helping me in writing another book of which one chapter focuses on the negative effects of the myth of the Fall of Man and the doctrine of original sin. So thank you for bringing this exceptional book to the notice of the world, Anne Baring
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Isabelle Uhe
From: Germany
E-mail: isabelle.uhe@gmx.net
Jack's book about the history of misogyny strengthens me in my oppinion to learn more about and fight against this discrimination! I am a student of Middle Eastern Studies/ Islam Studies and Political Science and I am occupied on the relation between rape (especially in conflicts) and misogyny. I see myself as an activist and would like to serve for transportation of this topic into wider public.
Thank's to Jack this subject gets another voice.

I would be grateful to get in contact with others who are interested in this topic, so feel free to write an Email.
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William Anderson
From: Belfast
Website: http://www.freshheads.co.uk
E-mail: william@freshheads.co.uk
Hi, havent seen my mate in a while, good to see your face again Jack. I only new him for a short while but I feel I got to know him. Jack was a good mate. I had some really good times at his place and got to know some of his really nice friends. You are still missed mate. William...
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Jennifer Baggot
From: Dublin
E-mail: jennifer.baggot@gmail.com


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From: London UK
E-mail: dbrooks2005@hotmail.com
'Misogyny' is a great book - what a shame that it had to be brought out by a small publisher who won't be able to give it the exposure it deserves!
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Bianca Rucker
From: Arka**, USA
E-mail: bianca.rucker@gmail.com
This book is a tremendous contribution in the effort to study, spot, and ultimately end misogyny in all its forms. Thanks for seeing that it was published.
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From: trevignano
Jeck, molto orgogliosa di averti conosciuto....Mary e Jenny vi voglio bene

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Rodney McKay
From: Colorado, United States
E-mail: rmckay51@gmail.com
Great to see that someone has stepped up to give Jack Holland his own website! I just finished reading "The American Connection" and it was fantastic!
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Liza Caney
From: Boston, MA USA
Website: http://www.caneydesign.com
E-mail: liza_caney@caneydesign.com
I was thrilled to discover this site, as I live in Boston, MA and am fascinated by Irish ties and heritage that I encounter here in the city. I am please to discover these additional books to read, and will definitely have to check them out!
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sean courtney
From: Milwaukee, US/Cork, Ireland
E-mail: seancourtney22@yahoo.com
Hallo, I went online the other evening because I came across Mr. Holland's book, Too Long a Sacrifice, which I read many years ago and used to teach a class on Irish politics in Chicago back in the early 1980s. I was shocked to see that he had died (he and I are the same age) but appreciated that his family have created this website in his memory so I can read it and learn more about this amazing man.
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