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Mary (Jo) (Greaney) Cassidy
From: Oakville, Ontario
E-mail: mcassidy1@cogeco.ca
Dearest Cousins Mary and Jenny,
This is a wonderful tribute to Jack. I especially enjoyed the photo gallery and picture from your wedding day. You were indeed the most bodacious bride I have ever seen, Mary!

I hope you are successful in your quest to have his book published -- have you approached a woman ???

I think of you often and with great fondness. Love always,
Mary Jo
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jeremy paxman
From: london


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fernando geraldes
From: 38 degrees North, 8 West
E-mail: eclipsetolx@gmail.com
I miss you, and will think of you everytime
I walk past your vinyeard in Colares
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Gary MacLennan
From: Brisbane Australia
E-mail: g.maclennan@qut.edu.au
Mary & Jenny

thank you for this site. Such a beautiful gift to all of us who read Jack's work or were lucky enough to know him personally.

Browsing throgh it though was painful for me and I offer this poem by Po Chu-yi (trans Arthur Waley). It captures well how I feel now.

Dreaming that I went with Li and Yu to visist Yuan Chen

At night I dreamt I was back in Chang-an;
I saw again the faces of old friends.
And in my dreams, under an April sky,
They led me by the hand to wander in the spring winds.
Together we came to the ward of Peace and Quiet;
We stopped our hrsesat the gate of Yuan Chen.
Yuan Chen was sitting all alone;
When he saw me coming, a smile came to his face.
He pointed back at the flowers in the western court;
Then opened wine in the northern summer-house.
He seemed to be saying that neither of us had changed;
He seemed to be regretting that joy will not stay;
That our souls had met only for a little while,
To part again with hardly time for greeting.
I woke up and thought him still by my side;
I put out my hand; there was nothing there at all.

Of course Jack's last book should be published. Is there anyone who can seriously challenge its importance?

Thank you again Mary & Jenny for this site and good luck in the struggle to get Contempt published.



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Rhea Cohen
From: Brooklyn Heights
E-mail: rhealana@aol.com


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From: Armagh
E-mail: macdara@peacefireplay.com


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Richard Berleth
From: Brooklyn, NY
E-mail: berleth@mac.com
Dear Mary and Jen, thank you both for this memorial website, and for not giving up one bit in the struggle to see Contempt published and acclaimed as it should be beyond even the already large circle of Jack's admiring readers. This is book full of Jack's stubborn humanity and great lyric power; it lights up a dark corner in human history, and we can never have enough of that. Best wishes always,
Richard and Emily
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Submitted by Comments:
Irene Davidson
From: New York
E-mail: alaro@ulster.net
Jenny, this website brings your father to life powerfully and truly for all of those lucky enough to have crossed paths with him. Thank you for this amazing, bittersweet gift.

I treasure memories of your father at his desk loudly typing his early works while you and my daughter danced and played and hid in the couch and your wonderous mother cooked and laughed.

In what now seems an undeserved privelege, my grown daughter and I also hold the memory of your father in Trevignano, during what turned out to be his last summer, intensly focused on his laptop, finishing a late chapter of what turned out to be his last book.

I have since stolen long looks at the manuscript he was producing - CONTEMPT is a riveting, mind-altering work. This book pulls together many cultural and historical threads of mysogyny and examines them with the clarity and passion for understanding that so profoundly characterizes all of your father's work.

Thanks to you and your mother for continuing what must be painful effort to get this remarkable final gift out to the public at last.

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Frank and Joan Pappalardo
From: Nyack, N.Y.
E-mail: joanpappalardo@yahoo.com
We are delighted to add our names to the many friends and co-workers that Jack made during his life. We enjoyed reading his work and look forward to the publication of his last book.

Personal regards to both Mary and Jenny.

Frank and Joan Pappalardo
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Submitted by Comments:
rosa hudon
From: nyack, ny
E-mail: hudsono@nyp.org
Dear Mary and Jenny, What a beautiful tribute to Jack!!!!! Another wonderful tribute would be to have Contempt published and have the two women Jack loved the most travel the world to promote this important book!!!! I love you both and think of you often, rosa

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