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About Us

About Us

Mary Hudson (wife)
My mother, Mary Hudson, met my father in 1973 on a trip to Dublin from Paris, where she had lived for some years. Born and raised in New York in a large Irish-Catholic family, my mother knew from the moment she laid eyes on my father that they were destined to be mates for life. She currently is a French teacher at Brooklyn Technical High School. In 1998, she earned a Ph.D. in French literature from CUNY Graduate Center. Her translation of Louis-Ferdinand Céline's "Fable for Another Time," ( University of Nebraska Press, 2003) was awarded the Aldo and Jeanne Scalglione Prize for the Translation of a Literary Work by the Modern Languages Association.

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Jenny Holland (daughter)
I finished high school in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and studied at Trinity College Dublin. After finishing college in 1998 with a degree in English Literature and Italian, I followed my parents back to New York and worked for three years as an editorial assistant at The New York Times. I worked as a newspaper reporter for several years, including a stint at the Providence Journal. I am now a speech writer in New York.

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