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Five years after "Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice" was published by Constable & Robinson in London, the book is still in print and selling, and has now been published in German, Spanish, Hungarian and Persian translated by Monireh Mohammadi. The book also has a Facebook page: Jack Holland's "Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice." We take this opportunity to ask our friends and visitors to this site to help us promote the book as a tool for justice and international prosperity and peace by "friending" the book and spreading the word about its availability in other languages.

Jack Holland

This website was created to honor the memory of my father, Jack Holland, a highly respected and widely read author, journalist, teacher and poet.

It was also created to help find a publisher for his last book "Contempt: A brief history of misogyny" published.

We are delighted to announce that, with the enormous help of our agent Sappho Clissit and friends too numerous to mention here, we have accomplished that mission.

The book was published in the UK on July 27, 2006 by Constable & Robinson and in the US on September 7, 2006 by their American affiliate Carroll & Graf.

We would like to encourage everyone to order a copy from Amazon or your local bookstore, and to check back in with us regularly as we will be posting reviews and other media coverage as it comes in.

My mother and I feel, as he did, that this is his most important work. He was passionate about it. He hoped it would become an instrument in the struggle to improve the lot of half - and therefore the entire - human race.

As some of you may know, the original publisher dropped the manuscript after Jack's death, in May 2004. So we are doubly excited to see his work come to fruition. In the publication of this book, we all have something to gain.


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